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The Guelph Multicultural and District Festival is a free three-day event held in Riverside Park in Guelsph. Kitchener - Waterloo Oktoberfest is an annual festival of arts, music, food, beer and music from around the world.

This full-day programme offers a tour of the city of Kitchener - Waterloos historical and cultural heritage. Each day includes a self-guided tour of the residence, a walk through the historic buildings and a day of activities and activities.

The Lifestyle Show presents a variety of products based on lifestyle at home and service at home. The Woodbridge Fair will showcase pets with a wide range of pet-friendly activities and activities for all ages and abilities. A wide range of food and beverage retailers and local businesses will present their products and services. It will run the entire route in three stages from start to finish, with stops for food, drinks and entertainment.

A secure room for the trade fair will be set up on the upper floor in the Arena's Viewing Lounge. If you see abusive or discriminatory behaviour at the fair and feel safe to do so, please speak up. Search for a safe space symbol on a participant's leaflet or ask for volunteers or a member of our trade fair organising committee.

The Kitchener - Waterloo Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Federation of Trade (CFTU) will be open on Saturday, April 23, and Sunday, October 24, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

All recognized sponsors have generously provided financial support, products and services for the Kitchener Kids Cancer Run 2019 and beyond. Non-participants will receive a gold ribbon for the cause of childhood cancer, identifying the POGO they have donated to enter the park. To enter, they will need a donation of their choice of vehicle or PogO. From just what you want at a run - family, friendship and fun - Run for Love lets your heart train in this great fundraiser for a local charity.

Celebrate Oktoberfest, ensure the highest standards and provide enhanced facilities and facilities for the enjoyment and enjoyment of residents, visitors and guests of Kitchener - Waterloo Regional Park, as well as the land and buildings acquired or acquired for such purposes. Promoting tourism, promoting and safeguarding the interests of our community, encouraging residents, visitors and guests to participate in the spirit and intention of Oktoberfest, preserving the exact history and background of the development of this community, and promoting and promoting tourism. All things which are or are associated with or are entitled to achieve the above mentioned objectives shall be done in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs (1) and (2) of this Statute.

The planning committee of KW Knitting Fair has set itself the goal of creating a more inclusive event for residents, visitors and guests of Kitchener - Waterloo Regional Park. We welcome feedback and criticism on our efforts to offer more inclusive events.

Promote goodwill, understanding and unity in promoting Oktoberfest and promote a more inclusive and respectful environment for all residents of Kitchener - Waterloo Regional Park.

With this event, JETRO Communitech aims to generate new innovations by working with leading Japanese companies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Examples of AI solutions to be explored include moving image monitoring, virtual reality, augmented reality and machine learning. Our event offers start-ups the opportunity to network and exchange information with the world's leading companies in AI, robotics and computer vision.

The Dunnville Agricultural Fair is designed to promote agricultural awareness in the community and to engage and educate people about the importance of preserving our rural heritage. The rest of the Oktoberfest Kitchener - Waterloo will run over three days from October 1 to 4, with events on the weekend of October 2 and 3. It also hosts a variety of other events, such as beer gardens, food trucks, music and more.

Other party halls and beer gardens are in operation in other parts of the city, while some existing bars and clubs in the venue, such as the Kitchener - Waterloo Beer Club, the Old St. Pauli Beer Garden and the Kielbierhalle, will be used for the festivities. The local associations run a variety of beer gardens as well as a number of other events and activities. The festival halls offer visitors a unique experience, and some also offer other things that are not beer, such as a beer garden, food trucks, music and more, all run by local German associations.

The Canada office is one of the largest artificial intelligence research and development organizations in the world, with operations in 38 countries. The department also focuses on research, development and implementation of advanced AI technologies, in particular AI-related solutions, as well as supporting the development of AI solutions for businesses, governments, education and other sectors.

Canadian start-ups - that can be scary, but potentially hugely rewarding. We also use our network of Japanese companies to help startups through the phases of entering the Japanese market.

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