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Guests are welcome to the newly renovated function room on the 2nd floor, which meets the latest audiovisual needs, as well as stays with a fully equipped bar, private dining room and private bar and lounge.

Explore development opportunities and discover the industry with Hyatt Hotels Corporation - leading sales and marketing strategies. Discover the industry's leading marketing strategy for hotels, restaurants and hotels in Canada and the United States. The campus and online management courses offer the same courses, and academic advisers will help you plan them. Please note that students on campus must attend all courses at the College of Hotel Management, not just the online courses. I will teach courses in hotel and restaurant management, as well as hotel operations and operations management.

Hotel prices are usually reasonable during this time of year, but bear in mind that popular festivals and other events can lead to price increases.

Winter in Ontario is cold and snowy, but if you don't mind the cold and the temperatures are just right for outdoor trips, you can save a lot of money on hotel rates. Spring is a great time to visit Kitchener when crowds pour into the city and temperatures rise. While summer comes at the end of the year with higher hotel prices and more crowded hotels, Kitcheners has a lot to offer in the warmer seasons. The best time to visit KitchenER is after the summer crowds have subsided and until September, when the autumn festival season begins.

If you are interested in completing a degree in hotel management in Canada, you can view our 5 short courses here. This mix of theory and practice - learning will give you the technical and management skills you need to work in hotels, restaurants and other hospitality in the Kitchener - Waterloo region. Although the program changes regularly, please check our website for the most up-to-date information about managing your business. We only stay in boutique hotels in the Waterloo area, so your experience will be unique and meet your needs and whims.

If you can help extend your stay, please visit our Special Offers page or call us at (705) 888-567-8477 or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more information on special events and packages.

Royal Bank of Canada and WestJet reserve the right to withdraw any offer at any time, even after acceptance. Westjet has established itself as one of the world's leading providers of air travel and reserves the right to change or withdraw offers at any time.

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Every hotel management employee must participate in a training and certification program to support the level of professionalism and competence required by Dimension Management employees. Depending on the chosen core curriculum program, candidates can take additional courses when they are in the middle of completing their degree. Master's degrees, including at least four on campus with weekend options.

The World Elite Companion Voucher is available for new bookings through or the WestJet Contact Center, but cannot be applied to existing bookings and is not subject to the annual fee charged by Westjet, the airline or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates. The World Elite Companion vouchers are only available to holders of RBC World and Elite Mastercard cards. Additional cardholders are not eligible for the world's elite VOUcher, and the additional West Jet dollars do not apply.

If you are uncomfortable or have recently traveled to Canada and have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19, please visit the laundry room immediately. Additional WestJet dollars credited to your Westjet Reward Account can be used to meet all requirements within 4-6 weeks. Accepted offers are based on West Jet's sole discretion and are evaluated according to criteria including, but not limited to, the available space in the higher cabins.

Hiking enthusiasts should consider whether they stay in the large reserve, which offers a variety of hiking trails. The Mayflower Motel offers comfortable accommodation in a convenient hotel environment with free parking. Meanwhile, the Kitchener Inn & Suites, located off Interstate 8, is just a few blocks from downtown.

The simple rooms have basic amenities, complemented by modernised rooms and suites. Across town, the Inn at Waterloo Conference Centre is a well-appointed choice, featuring a large meeting room.

Canadas Best Value Inn offers simple accommodation in the centre of the city, just a few blocks from Waterloo Convention Centre. Located in the west city of Waterloo, the Comfort Inn is a great choice, offering guests free parking and complimentary breakfast.

This museum is located in central Kitchener, just blocks from the Walper Hotel, which offers more luxurious accommodation. This seasonal hotel is located in the east of the city, directly opposite the Waterloo Convention Centre.

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More About Kitchener