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This suite features a seating area with a fold-out sofa, fireplace and fully equipped kitchen, as well as a private dining area. The room also has a chargeable - for views of the city with its own private patio and sitting area. With city views, this room features an open living room with outdoor terrace, lounge area, indoor pool and outdoor dining room. It also includes a lounge with a fee-paying view, outdoor seating, an outdoor living area and an indoor terrace.

If you are looking for a room with a little more privacy, this room has two separate floors of guest living space. Sheraton guests have a variety of room styles to choose from, including those with stunning views of Niagara Falls.

The lower floor has a pull-out sofa and bed, a private dining area and guest seating areas. The Presidential Corner Suite has two separate floors with a sofa bed and a window to the ceiling that surrounds the room. This suite features a fully equipped kitchen and dining room, and a case view room with views of Niagara Falls and the Niagara River. The rooms at Sheraton Falls offer exceptional views of the city and the city below the waterfalls.

Christienne's Fallsview Spa is also the number one spa in Ontario, ranked number one on TripAdvisor. Rated one of the top 10 most popular spas of its kind in Canada by Trip Advisor, this is the only spa in Canada with a hydrotherapy tub with infinite waterfall views and a variety of wellness services including massages, massages, acupuncture and massage therapy. The Sheraton Falls Spa at the Kitchener Canadian Sheraton Hotel features an indoor / outdoor pool, sauna, steam room, spa and fitness centre with spectacular views of Niagara Falls.

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